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14, 2014
Scams, Myths, and Hoaxes about the UN.
Read about the latest hoax circulating via email.  
The Kerfuffle.  Has there been a UN  take-over in Edmond?  Some folks
think so.  We explain why they're wrong.
UCO and the UN's Academic Impact.  "A breath of new hope is blowing
across the globe."  Read how UCO is developing global citizens.
Delivering Justice.  War criminals are being brought to justice thanks to
the United Nations.
Meet our Speakers Bureau.  Our volunteers are available to deliver an
interesting message to your classroom, group, or club.
Check Out Our Human Rights Video Collection.  
Available FREE through the Metropolitan Library System.
Why Do You Support the United Nations Association?  
We asked some of our members and friends.  Read their responses.

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More News and Commentary
Remembering Jeane Kirkpatrick.  In an age
when radical voices are calling for the U.S. to leave
the United Nations, it is wise to recall the legacy of
Oklahoma's own Ambassador Kirkpatrick.
Workers' Rights.  For decades, the United Nations
has supported the right of workers to form unions
and bargain collectively.  
The Problem of Child Soldiers. The UN is building consensus on how to
solve this international problem.  Find out how you can help.
Afghanistan.  In 2011, soldiers from communities across our state
deployed there. The UN was already on the ground, helping to bring stability.  
"The Long View"
"In October 1945, I was
a young housewife
in Denton, Texas...."
Dorothy Messenger
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The Refugee Crisis
If you have reserved your seat for our UN Day Luncheon, we look forward to
seeing you at The Center, 4325 NW 50th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73112.
The doors will open at 11:30am, and the program will begin promptly at 12
We regret that we are unable to sell tickets at the door.

Our program will feature three knowledgeable and informative panelists:

• Dr. Imad Enchassi, president and founder of the Islamic Society of
Greater Oklahoma City (ISGOC).
• Joe Meinhart, Ph.D., director of the Oikos Scholars program at
Oklahoma City University and co-director of the Social & Ecological
Responsibility Initiative at OCU.
• Serena Prammanasudh-Greenwell, job developer for the Refugee
Resettlement program of Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City.

Find more information at our
blog ... HERE.

Coming This Fall: A Community Consultation on the United Nations'
New Development Goals.
In November, your Oklahoma City chapter of
the UN Association will convene a public consultation process to seek
community input on the United Nations development goals for the period
2016 through 2030. Plans for the process, which are still being set, include
a public forum as well as an online effort to collect statements of public
opinion related to the UN's global development goals.

Priya Desai, president of our OKC chapter, offered this description:
objective of our local event will be to promote public awareness of and public
participation in the UN's global goal-setting process. The consultation process
will focus on four goals in particular – for example, Hunger / Food Security;
Women’s Equality; and so on."

Your Oklahoma City chapter of the United Nations Association supports
American leadership in the United Nations. We are dedicated to educating,
inspiring and mobilizing Americans to support the principles and vital work of
the United Nations -- including the Millennium Development Goals.
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Our 2014 Public Service Award
Winner is Jacklyn Brink Rosen!
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We are proud to announce the winner of our 2014 Public
Service Award -- Jacklyn Brink Rosen.

Ms. Rosen is a Legislative Assistant for the Oklahoma
House of Representatives.    ...
On October 18th,
ur chapter will
present a panel
discussion of one of
the most pressing
problems facing our
world today --
The Refugee Crisis.
The panel will
be part of our
annual UN Day
proud to present
this program.