United Nations Day in Tulsa
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United Nations Day 2006
 In the spring of 1945, representatives of 50 nations gathered in San Francisco to
put the final touches on a document of far-reaching consequences – the Charter of
the United Nations.  Enthusiastically supported by the United States, the UN Charter
went into effect on October 24, 1945.  Two years later, the UN General Assembly
adopted a U.S.-sponsored resolution declaring October 24 as United Nations Day.  
Since that time, this important event has been celebrated by nations large and small
and by communities around the world.
All Oklahomans are encouraged to commemorate the 61st anniversary of the United
Nations by sharing information and by promoting its cherished values.  
Governor Brad Henry
has proclaimed that
October 24th will be
recognized as "UN
Day" in Oklahoma.  To
read his proclamation,
Click Here.
The UN Association of Eastern Oklahoma
“The world is more compassionate and hopeful when we act together.
This truth was the inspiration for the United Nations.”    --President George W. Bush
The United Nations Association of Eastern Oklahoma requests the pleasure of your company at

The Annual United Nations Day Dinner
Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Oaks Country Club
4101 West 71st Street South
(West on 71st Street, across the river)

Guest Speaker:
Ambassador Edwin G. Corr
Associate Director of the International Programs Center
University of Oklahoma, Norman

The United Nations, U.S. Politics and U.S. Foreign Policy

Social Hour: 6pm
Dinner: 6:45pm
Tickets:  $30 per person
(Make checks payable to UNA/EO)

RSVP by October 10th to:
Richard W. Ekdahl
3632 S. Yorktown Place
Tulsa, OK   74105-3452
Questions?  Call Iola Sear at 742-5481 or Dick Ekdahl at 743-8719

Edwin G. Corr has served as the Associate Director of the International Programs Center (IPC) of the
University of Oklahoma (OU) since 1996.  The objective of the IPC is to prepare today's youth for life
and work in the globalized 21st Century.  From 1995 until 2001, Mr. Corr was the creator and the
Director of the Energy Institute of the Americas (EIA). The EIA is a multi-national non-governmental
organization with its secretariat at OU. The EIA's members are world-class research universities in the
energy field.  He served as the United States Ambassador to Peru from 1980-81, to Bolivia from
1981-85, and to El Salvador from 1985-88. From 1978 to 1980 he was the Deputy Assistant Secretary
of State for International Narcotics Matters.

Mr. Corr was born in Edmond, Oklahoma.   He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Education in
1957 at the University of Oklahoma and was awarded a Masters Degree in History in 1962 from OU.  
Ambassador Edwin Corr