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Updated Jan. 19, 2009
High School Essay Contest
"What can the US do to help ensure environmental

This is the topic which U.S. high school students in grades 9-12 of
Central Oklahoma schools are being challenged to address.  The
question is the focus of the 2009 edition of the annual National High
School Essay Contest being sponsored by the United Nations Association
(UNA-USA) and our Greater Oklahoma City chapter.  

A cash prize of $500 will be awarded to the best essayist from the
Greater Oklahoma City area -- as judged by a local panel of reviewers.  
Then, all the best essays from the OKC area will be forwarded to UNA-
USA for competition in the country-wide contest.  Prizes for the selected
national finalists will be:

$1,500 … First Place

     $1,000 … Second Place

            $500 … Third Place

Entries must be submitted online through the UNA-USA contest website
by January 5, 2009.  Contest background information, guidelines,
suggested research resources, and rules can be downloaded from the
UNA-USA website here:


The contest purpose each year is to encourage students to become
engaged in global issues and the work of the UN through scholarship
and critical thinking.  Through this process, young people are being
asked to use the resources of scholars, thinkers, government officials,
and authors in order to structure their own arguments and to reach
their own conclusions.  

This year's National High School Essay Contest on the United Nations
focuses on
Millennium Development Goal Seven, and asks students to
tackle the challenge of ensuring environmental sustainability. Students
will write a letter to the President of the United States answering the
following questions:

1. Why is ensuring environmental sustainability so important?

2. What should the United States do to ensure that Millennium
Development Goal Seven will be reached by 2015?

For general inquiries & more information, please contact

Students may also want to consult with their schools’ social studies
instructors or other supportive faculty and staff for general guidance.  
Enter by
January 5th!
2009 National High School Essay
Contest on the United Nations
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