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January 4 , 2015
Scams, Myths, and Hoaxes about the UN.
Read about the latest hoax circulating via email.  
The Kerfuffle.  Has there been a UN  take-over in Edmond?  Some folks
think so.  We explain why they're wrong.
UCO and the UN's Academic Impact.  "A breath of new hope is blowing
across the globe."  Read how UCO is developing global citizens.
Delivering Justice.  War criminals are being brought to justice thanks to
the United Nations.
Meet our Speakers Bureau.  Our volunteers are available to deliver an
interesting message to your classroom, group, or club.
Check Out Our Human Rights Video Collection.  
Available FREE through the Metropolitan Library System.
Why Do You Support the United Nations Association?  
We asked some of our members and friends.  Read their responses.

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More News and Commentary
Remembering Jeane Kirkpatrick.  In an age
when radical voices are calling for the U.S. to leave
the United Nations, it is wise to recall the legacy of
Oklahoma's own Ambassador Kirkpatrick.
Workers' Rights.  For decades, the United Nations
has supported the right of workers to form unions
and bargain collectively.  
The Problem of Child Soldiers. The UN is building consensus on how to
solve this international problem.  Find out how you can help.
Afghanistan.  In 2011, soldiers from communities across our state
deployed there. The UN was already on the ground, helping to bring stability.  
"The Long View"
"In October 1945, I was
a young housewife
in Denton, Texas...."
Dorothy Messenger
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Your Oklahoma City chapter of the United Nations Association is seeking
nominations for our 2015
Public Service Award.  You are invited to
nominate someone you know.

The award is designed to honor a
public sector worker who deserves
to be recognized for their great
service to the people of Oklahoma.
Perhaps you can think of a colleague
or co-worker who is under-
appreciated or who never gets
all the recognition they truly deserve.

Previous winners of the award

Lester Claravall, a specialist in
child labor law enforcement for the
Oklahoma Department of Labor.

Brandi Woods-Littlejohn, a program manager in the office of Oklahoma
Attorney General Scott Pruitt. Ms. Woods-Littlejohn is the project director
for Oklahoma's Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board.

Ben Pollard, Assistant Director of the Oklahoma Conservation Commission.

Jacklyn Brink Rosen, a legislative assistant in the Oklahoma House of

Workers who are eligible for nomination would include any current employee
of a governmental organization or agency -- including any public school
system, city-county agency, tax-supported library system, state university
or community college, etc.

Our winner will be selected on the basis of: (1) The employee's contribution
to excellence and innovation in public service; and (2) The manner in
which the employee's efforts help to illustrate the global community's
common commitment to "social progress" and "better standards of life."

Our 2015 Award Winner will receive a commemorative certificate, and his /
her story will be highlighted on our website.  

To submit a nomination, use this easy online form ...


... and you can submit as many nominations as you would like.

The deadline for nominations is June 1st.  Our 2015 winner will be
announced during the week of June 23rd.
Nominate a Public Sector Worker
for the 2015 UNA-OKC Award
All members and friends of the United Nations
Association are invited to donate to "Team Immunity
OKC," a special initiative to save the lives of children
in developing countries. What's it about? It's as simple
as this. Vaccines save lives. ...
Read more at the UNA-OKC Blog.
Donate to Team Immunity OKC